All About My Ottoman Home
I dream of Turkey
November 13, 2020

No one forgets his first time in Turkey.

One will most likely fly into the dazzling city of Istanbul. It is an immediate assault to the senses. But in a good way.


The sights. The sounds. The people. The food. Art. Culture. History. Timeless. Endless. Fascination.


It strikes you everywhere. Mesmerizes.


From the shimmering domes of centuries old mosques and churches, distant blue-tipped minarets and fanciful palaces -- a sight for travel-weary eyes; to the aptly named Grand Bazaar where one finds anything and everything, the new and the old, the classic and the contemporary -- a feast for the hungry artist in your soul; to the busy eclectic streets lined with quaint ceramic shops and shisha lounges while kebab aromas rise through the air -- the scent of anticipation and endless possibilities. 


Fascination. Inspiration.


It lingers. And you want it to stay. With you. In your heart. In your dreams. In your home.