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November 27, 2020

With its deep tradition of arts and craftsmanship, Turkey continues to gift the world with lively colours, shapes and tones in the form of handpainted bowls, plates, tiles, and myriad other homeware and lifestyle ornaments to fill your everyday spaces.

Add an extra splash of colour to your living room with a ceramic candle holder in the shape of a bird, or a starfish even. Brighten your walls with beautiful tiles designed with the effervescent tulip or perhaps captivating geometric patterns. Bring more life to your table with plates that tell a story from over thousands of years ago.

Indeed, these traditional Turkish ceramics date back all the way to the 9th century. The earliest production of these ceramics have been traced back to the the town if İznik (historically called Nicaea) in the northwest of Turkey. The craft flourished through the golden age of the Ottoman Empire and remain a reminder of the grandeur of the times.

A history of the art of Turkish ceramics can be found here: