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The Tale of Toufik
July 29, 2023

Toufik's love affair with tazoaukt began in his early years, when he would watch in awe as his father meticulously adorned wooden furniture with delicate patterns and motifs. Intrigued by the art's mesmerizing beauty, he embarked on an apprenticeship under his father's guidance, honing his skills and expanding his creative horizons.

As the years passed, Toufik's dedication to his craft only intensified. With each brushstroke, he breathed life into the wood, preserving the essence of Moroccan culture in every piece he created. His passion for tazoaukt, combined with his innate talent, led him to establish a reputation as one of the most skilled artisans in Marrakech.

Discovering the Art of Tazoaukt: Tazoaukt, the art of traditional painting in wood, is a centuries-old Moroccan craft that holds a special place in the heart of the country's artistic heritage. Passed down through generations, this exquisite technique involves the intricate hand-painting of wooden surfaces, transforming them into masterpieces that exude both elegance and cultural significance.

From Local to Global: Toufik's exceptional craftsmanship did not go unnoticed. Word of his exquisite hand-painted furnishings spread like wildfire, attracting art enthusiasts and collectors from all corners of the world. Soon, his creations adorned homes, boutique hotels, and art galleries across continents, captivating hearts with the allure of Moroccan tradition and craftsmanship.

The Legacy Continues: With three decades of experience, Toufik's journey as a master artisan continues to inspire. As a custodian of tazoaukt, he remains committed to preserving the authenticity of the craft while infusing it with contemporary elements to cater to evolving tastes. Toufik also takes great pride in nurturing the next generation of artisans, passing down the time-honored techniques to keep the legacy alive.

From Morocco to Manila: We have the honor of celebrating craftsmanship, diversity, and Moroccan culture as we bring Toufik"s traditional pieces to the Philippines. To own your own tazoaukt piece, don't hesitate to send us a message.