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5 Ways to Dish Out Style with Decorative Plates
September 14, 2021

Plates are common accessories in our home, and we use them in one of our most vital activities—eating. They're offered in so many different shapes, colors, and designs that you can't have enough of them.

If you're one to collect plates and keep them stacked in a cabinet, maybe it's time to bring them out and use them as beautiful home décor. Read on for our favorite ways to decorate with plates.

1. Lay picture-perfect tablescapes

Why wait for a party to set out that beautiful tablescape? Make every meal a moment to remember with a setting that inspires.

Bring out your table cloth and placemats, and stack your chargers, plates, and maybe even some bowls. To create a unified look when using various plates, choose those with a similar color palette or motif, or layer a boldly colored plate on top of a decorated one.

2. Tier for a unique server

Here's another way to stack your plates—with spacers between them! Take your cues from your favorite patisserie, and create your own tiered plate server. 

No need to fret if you don't have a metal stand at the ready. Improvise with fancy goblets, bowls, or candle holders as makeshift spacers (learn more here). For a nice effect, choose different-sized plates to hold anything from finger food and pastries to candies and jewelry.

3. Create one-of-a-kind wall art

Showcase your plate collection and dress up that plain wall you've been eyeing—all at the same time. Instead of hanging paintings and photos on that blank space, mount your favorite plates for a creative take on wall décor.

Group together plates with similar designs, or mix small plates with large ones as a quirky contrast. Your wall is but a canvas for your unique personality and style.

4. Brighten your home's nooks and crannies

Walls aren't the only places you can brighten up with decorative plates. Maybe you have a little ledge above your window frame, space between your cabinet and ceiling, or even just an opening on your shelf or mantel. Prop some plates on a stand, and let them fill empty areas with their vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns.

5. Pair with your plants

If you have smaller plates that are standalone pieces, consider using them to serve up some greens. Set a nice succulent or a delicate vase of flowers on your plate to make any table bloom with life. You can even swap an ordinary plant pot with a ceramic cup or bowl for that added touch of charm.

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